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We are

Mataven - More Than a Data Engineering Company

Mataven helps companies build wealth from the data that flows through the heart of the company through the transformation of the entire ecosystem

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We specialize in boutique data engineering services, analytics and AI to help organizations manage, refine, and utilize their data and transform their processes.

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  • 23+ years of experience in data analytics

  • International presence in Colombia, Mexico, El Salvador, Panamá, Guatemala, Perú, and the United States

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Work team

  • 100+ top-tier professionals in data, analytics, AI, data science, and business

  • Enterprise-level Partnerships with Microsoft and Databricks

data analytics_Mataven_artificial Intelligence

AI projects 

  • 200+ BA, BI, and AI projects deployed

  • 10,000 ETLs deployed

Meet Mataven


Our Story

The Mataven River

Picture a tranquil, yet powerful river meandering in twists and turns through the dense jungle, fed by lush, overflowing lakes.

The river remains high during the dry season, teeming with exotic fish, and floods the surrounding banks during the wet months, nourishing local wildlife.

The Mataven River generates unparalleled wealth for the river basin where it flows. It’s a perfect analogy for how data flows and breathes life into the heart of a company. That’s why we’ve chosen Mataven as our name. 
At Mataven, we know that every company has a story to tell, a goal to achieve, and a bottom line to grow. Our mission is to be the guide, the supporting force, that helps you achieve those goals. Just as the Mataven River flows through the heart of the jungle, data flows at the core of your business, and we’re here to help you create wealth around it.  

At Mataven, we transform businesses. Data is the tool we use to get you there. So, are you ready to join us on this exciting journey? 

data analytics_Mataven_artificial Intelligence
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