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 We work across industries, Engineering but have concentrated experience in

banco online

and Finance:

The financial industry is con- stantly evolving due to the digital transformation that has taken place in recent years. At Igerencia, we help companies automate their financial processes and analyze their
data to improve risk management, financial planning, and customer management.



Competition is fierce, and compa- nies need to find ways to differ- entiate themselves and offer unique experiences to their cus- tomers. At Igerencia, we offer data analytics and AI solutions that can be used in many ways to improve the ability to recognize patterns, anticipate future events, create intelligent rules, make data-driven decisions, and automate customer communica- tion. It also aids in fraud detec- tion, risk management, and investment management.



The energy and utilities industry is at a critical moment in its evolu- tion. With our BI, analytics, and AI services, companies can identify areas where inefficiencies are occurring and take measures to address these issues. They can identify opportunities to reduce energy consumption through energy efficiency and demand management. By analyzing con- sumption data and usage pat- terns, they can better under- stand their customers' needs and provide personalized services. They can also predict future demand and plan their opera- tions accordingly.


Oil & Gas

Operational efficiency and risk management are critical to the success of companies in the oil and gas sector. Our Business Intelligence, Business Analytics, and AI services allow these com- panies to obtain valuable infor- mation about production, effi- ciency, and profitability of their operations. It also helps identify problems and take preventive actions. For example, if a company detects an issue in an oil well, they can take preventive measures to avoid a potential production disruption.

En la tienda de comestibles

Consumer Goods

Consumer goods companies face fierce competition in the market and need to offer unique experi- ences to their customers to stand out. With our Business Intelligence, Business Analytics, and AI services, they can analyze and group sales in different geographical regions, identify the most popular products, monitor the effectiveness of their mar- keting campaigns, and forecast future demand. With this infor- mation, they can adjust their strategies to increase sales and profitability.

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