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What We Do

Boutique Data Engineering Services and More 

Providing top-tier Software Development Outsourcing Services from a nearshore, cost-effective model

We pride ourselves on working collaboratively with our clients to deliver secure, specialized data solutions from our development centers in Colombia. With over 100+ top-tier professionals in data, analytics, AI, data science, and business, you get access to specialized expertise from a nearshore, cost-effective model.

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Our Services

Data Engineering Services

Covering everything from integration, migration, warehousing, and pipelines, Mataven’s data engineering services are designed to help companies utilize, manage, and automate data and data processes.

Big data consulting

Predictive Data Analytics

Mataven’s comprehensive data analytics and business consulting services help companies transform large amounts of data into impactful reporting and visualization solutions.

Business intelligence

ChatGPT fine tunning modeling

Autonomous Process Solutions

Covering the full range of automation, Mataven provides extensive. Digital Autonomous Process Design and Automation Sevices.

Automation consulting

Robotic process automation


AI process driven

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

 From proof of concept to predictive analytics and models, Mataven has extensive experience applying AI and machine learning algorithms to transform how your business views and manages data and data processes.

Autonomous processes

MLOps consulting

Outsourced Software Development Services 

Build a capable, experienced team or access consulting services to unlock the power of your data.

We believe working with us should inspire peace of mind, knowing that you’ve chosen a partner you can trust to do the challenging data work. Which is why we work with clients in the way that suits them best. You can choose to add dedicated, specialized roles to an existing team or access our expertise on a project basis.

data analytics_Mataven_artificial Intelligence

Project-based Work
Define the project objective and estimate the resources, duration, and investment. Billed under a fixed-cost model.

Multidisciplinary Agile Teams 
We deploy teams with specific roles to deliver end-to-end development services for a product or part of a product. Billed under a time and materials model.

Staff Augmentation
Remote sourcing for client teams, we provide specific roles to integrate into client teams. Billed under time & materials.

How We Do It

Delivery Workflow

Outsourced Data Engineering Services Delivery Workflow 

Step 1

Data & AI Discovery Call

We start with a free discovery call to understand your current data or AI ecosystem and your objectives.

Step 2

Roadmap and proposal

Next, we’ll develop a detailed roadmap that includes transparent pricing, project stages, delivery schedule, and team or role breakdown. By agreeing on the roadmap, we can sign a contract and establish the project, team, or roles.

Step 3


We take the time to identify and integrate data sources, provision cloud services, find the right roles for your team, start building pipelines, align tools and resources, and build a solid foundation of communication and processes.

Step 4

Architecture design

Depending on the type of project, we will either start with an architecture design or business logic model or we will start by defining the data processing pipeline, the monitoring service, and determining the most appropriate machine learning/deep learning architectures.

Step 5

Development and Deployment

The product is built using agile best-practices, guidance from our Azure and Databrick experts, with oversight from the leadership team to ensure our solution is always aligned with your business objectives.

Step 6

System monitoring

By integrating monitoring, performance testing, and CI/CD systems, we gather insights into new data, data anomalies, and key metrics that serve as a trigger to continue improving model performance.

Step 7

Knowledge Transfer and Ongoing Support

Once the service is up and running, we document the complete solution and train your team to use it correctly by conducting knowledge transfer workshops. When necessary, we develop new features, improve performance, and continuously support the project.

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